Channeling our Energy for Ultimate Healing

Published on 14 November 2023 at 13:49

Sickness is an inevitable experience we each pass through at one point or another in our lives. Whether it be a bad head cold, a migraine, unbearable body aches, or more serious complications stemming from a chronic illness or disease, our bodies were built to fight and heal itself, internally and externally. 

. The capacity to unleash self-healing stems from the understanding, that the mind, body and soul operate in unity, in connection with the earthly energies that are fused within us. Cleansing and balancing this earthly energy rids our bodies of toxicity and allows our chakras or the wheels of energy to flow calmly and peacefully to facilitate physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Our physical body is comprised of layers of energy fields that can send signals to our mind and soul to influence our overall balance and well-being. This energy is considered an invisible force, rooted deep in the earth that feeds us the necessary elements we need to live a fulfilled life such as compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, belief and faith.  This is what we need to tap into and align. To begin healing and open the gates of our chakras, we must become in tuned with our bodies. To we must first begin to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs.

Some of us may have experienced ourselves or heard stories of loved one’s going to the doctor and receiving a discouraging diagnosis of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s or other chronic conditions and illnesses. It is disheartening; it is hard to receive news like this, and accept it. But take a minute to think of the domino effect of the news. Immediately after the news is given, this sets off a chain of negative signals in the brain that leads to stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, sleepless nights and other unwanted complications. Ultimately, all the negative energies being unleashed, lead to the body accelerating the sickness or disease.  Symptoms you may not have even noticed before now becomes more prominent or begins. Other complications like insomnia or high blood pressure set in, and it almost seems like it’s a downhill journey.

Now, we all must process the unexpected diagnosis, be angry, be scared and frustrated. But the next steps are crucial to overcoming these feelings and the underlying illness.  Once the negative energies are unleashed, you can focus on the positive ones; the one’s that bring a vital healing force to the forefront.  So, what does our body need to refuel and balance the earthly energy to keep us vibrant, healthy and positive?

Here are a few things.

  • Healthy foods give us power. Most of us try a healthy diet to lose weight, but eating the right foods not only helps us shed the pounds, but we can feel a boost of power in our body. Nourish your body with fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, proteins and healthy fats. Eating a well-balanced diet includes foods that are filled with vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting nutrients and antioxidants like; Kale, Spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, avocado, blueberries, grapes, sweet potatoes, beans grains, and many herbs & spices including turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, rosemary and more. Our bodies are like cars- without the right fuel, it cannot operate effectively.
  • Relaxation is key. Unwinding techniques and finding mental clarity is different for everyone. For some it may be sitting in a corner with your eyes closed and turning off your thoughts, for others it’s shopping, cooking or curling up to a good book. You need to find what works for you. Here a few techniques to get you started.
    • Meditation has become a widely accepted way to give your body much needed peace, energy and healing. Find a quiet place and get into a comfortable position. Turn on calming music, sounds, guided meditations or just sit in complete silence. Block out all thoughts focusing on your breathing and tap into your unconscious. Meditation has many benefits for your mind, body and soul and is one of the most important aspects to gain ultimate healing
    • Yoga is seen as unwinding the body and calming the mind. Through a
      sequence of stretches and poses, you can loosen the physical and emotional tensions. This holistic approach will aid in your astonishing transformation in your health and even personal life.
    • Activities you know calm you, are a great way to induce and release those endorphins. Invest your time in doing what you want for a change. Grab the new bestseller, a comfy blanket and start reading. Maybe you’re an outdoor person. Jump on your bike and head out for a long ride. Hit the malls if you enjoy shopping (just don’t overspend!) or even window shopping. Taking care of your needs is sometimes what you need to energize and be ready to face the World again.
    • Sleep is a huge element not to dismiss, as most of us are literally sleep deprived. With full time jobs, kids, chores, things to do around the house, part time or weekend commitments, the hustle and bustle never ends. But you need to know when to stop and get the much needed rest you lack. Make your bedroom inviting, warm and cozy to get the best sleep possible.
    • Writing is one of the most healing hobbies you can take up. I find journaling or writing on any topic of your choice (as I’m doing right now) will help you find your creative side, allow you to open your imagination beyond the realm of what you know and just give you the opportunity to sit back and relax as the master of your creation. You can write about your anger and frustration if that helps, or I find writing about the positive thoughts or goals that I’m working on achieving, is more beneficial to feeding my body with essential energy.
  • Qigong captures your energy in every way. As a branch of ancient Chinese medicine designed to unblock, free and balance chi in your body, this exercise is a way to self-regenerate the physical, spiritual or emotional blockages. It’s a combination of slow fluid movement, self-massage, meditation, and deep breathing that opens your awareness of your energy points or “chi” Qigong practice has been attributed to providing relief from stress, illness, pain, disease and enhances the body's immune functions. You can practice these self-healing exercises standing or sitting, and Qigong routines can be tailored to your physical capabilities and situations.
  • Exercise is a must. Cardio, aerobics, or any physical activity amplifies your ability to heal. The stronger your heart, the stronger your body, mind and soul. Build your resilience, endurance and flexibility. Use your body strength to build mental strength. Let go of your anxiety during your workouts and give your body a firm workout. Find exercises that work for you like walking, jogging, swimming or gardening. Incorporating your Qigong into your routine is even more beneficial.
  • Believing and positive thinking is how you can get through the toughest of times. Most of you may have heard this various times throughout your life. Taking an important test, interviewing for a promotion or new job, doing an important presentation, or even just starting your day off; all will be better if you have full belief in yourself that you will succeed.  Positive thinking is essential to releasing unwanted energy and healing. Our state of mind can affect the overall  health of the body and well-being. The healing power of our minds is relentless and we just need to tap into it. The well-known placebo effect has proved this theory in multiple studies. What is it? Patients with a reported illness such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Cancer, or Diabetes were placed into two groups. One group was given the real medicine or pill to help calm the symptoms, while the other group was given sugar or water pills- the placebo. The outcome; patients taking the placebo doubled their rates of improvement or their improvements were just as same as the group taking the real pill. Mere positive thinking and expectations that the placebo they were given was going to work, actually did work. Their bodies received the positive energies and vibes and went to work on repairing itself.  Believing in your self-healing abilities and being positive even throughout the most difficult facing illnesses, really spikes your energy levels and makes a difference in how quickly the disease will progress or diminish.
  • Prayers, positive sayings or affirmations really do work. This is really verbalizing what you’re thinking in the above action. If you practice religion or not, there are many ways to program your mind with positive thoughts and beliefs. Many, who are religious, take to their prayers of choice and recite these prayers every day. Gaining spiritual clarity is a cleansing and revitalizing process and helps us attain a higher sense of realization. If religion isn’t your forte, writing down positive thoughts and affirmations and reciting them at least once a day, is just as beneficial. These statements of truth and inspiration become a part of who we are, what we represent and ultimately lead the path towards healing. Things go wrong all the time and it may not seem like it’s your day, but by reaffirming “I will succeed” “I will heal” “I hold the power to my healthiness” you can have a real effect over your physical and mental health. These prayers, words and thoughts become crystallized in our minds.
  • Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude will help you discover yourself and your abilities. You must absolve all hatred, anger, jealousy, resentment and persecution towards others and yourself. Learning compassion is gaining awareness of others and their needs and using your own abilities to help them fulfill these needs.. Going to sleep and waking up with a clear heart is almost a necessity to finding healing in any aspect of your life. Forgiving those who have done you wrong, or forgiving yourself, helps you see past the present and look towards the future with clarity. Expressing your gratitude for even the smallest gestures and being thankful for the roof over your head, the little bit of food you may have, the shirt on your back and the love someone may show you, will help you appreciate life in ways you never thought possible.

Illness in any form is cruel, painful and can rob you of your ability to live, physically, mentally and spiritually. The harsh reality of a doctor’s diagnosis can really hit you hard, knock you down and keep you down.  You just have to gain the strength to get up and knock it back down.

Healing will never be the same for everyone. Finding the successful path for unleashing the earthly energies within us, will be different for all and may take longer for some than others. Some of the above mentioned things may not be right for you, or may not appeal to you, and that’s okay. Trying various paths is all about finding ourselves, the real us. Find your path today and unleash the energy!

Happy healing and good luck!

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