How To Live With Purpose, Passion And Persistence – The 3 Ps To Happiness

Published on 28 February 2023 at 14:08


The true power to unlock contentment and happiness in life begins with purpose. We each have a unique purpose that leads to greatness. That greatness is achieved and sparked by passion, a relentless attitude of perseverance. To withstand through the adversity, through the darkest moments, is persistence. To find ultimate happiness, even through the turmoil takes purpose, passion and persistence. These are the 3 P’s to living, laughing and loving.




When the unexpected happens, we question why. When our path is derailed off course, we become agitated. What we don’t see is that this season of temporary discomfort is opening the doors to a higher greatness, a bigger success, and ultimately a purpose. Everyone has a purpose to fulfill, and our deepest pain, losses, derailments and adversities can lead us to our purpose. Stepping into your purpose means embracing every moment of the path you are crossing, good or bad. As you allow your experiences to manifest your destiny, your purpose becomes clearer and your vision for life ignites. Find your purpose and ignite the flame to passion and persistence.




As you unlock your purpose, now we focus on driving that purpose with passion. Your want, your need and your desire should all point to your purpose. The enthusiasm and excitement capture your heart pursuing your purpose, and your smile is as bright as day as you fill with joy and contentment. Your passion is truly fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying. Each day you rise, you should pursue your purpose with passion. Your passion must fuel your belief that this temporary season of darkness, will lead to light and love. Your passion can radiate the highest and purest level of peace, harmony and solitude. Passion grounds your objectives and directs your path to stay on course. Your intense pursuit with passion makes you fall in love with your purpose every step of the way.




The 3rd P is most important as it’s the true testament of determination. Unexpected paths are part of the journey we call life but crossing it with persistence makes it a road well-traveled. A body feels pain when it gets hurt, just as the heart will pain when it goes through turmoil. But the body heals and closes its wounds and just as the body heals again, so will the heart. We just must believe in that. We must believe in the heart beating so strongly that can truly carry us through the darkness, lead us to the beauty and joy and create the best life we want. That is persistence. Persist through the unexpected. Persist through the unforeseen circumstances. Persistence builds character, strengthens your mindset and sets the stage for true success.


Living with purpose, passion and persistence restores and aligns all the vibrations and energies of the universe to rebalance our mind, body and soul. Find your purpose through the moments you are about to give up. Let your passion spark that need to fulfill your purpose and be persistent through this journey,


The moment I walked out of the doctor’s office to know I had early onset Parkinson’s, my purpose wasn’t clear, because I wasn’t attuned and listening. Eventually, I did listen. I did take that moment to look around, and my purpose became clear. Each day, I manifest fulfilling my purpose with passion and persistence.


“Parkinson’s is a horrible debilitating disease, but it’s nothing the heart can’t withstand. It’s nothing my belief can’t overcome as I embrace purpose, passion and persistence.”


Know your own self-worth and value. That flaw you have, that mistake you made yesterday, that mishap you had today, it’s okay. To love and live with heart is to love yourself and live for yourself. Mindset is important, but mindset must always meet heart set to find true balance. Heart set is all about purpose, passion and persistence.



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